Product Photography - Storybox Collective
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High quality, professionally photographed images for an online store, print media, social media and more.

Bring in your products

Our photography process starts off with looking at the products. As such, you can bring in your products via courier or self-delivery to our office studio.

Photography & Retouch

Shoots and retouching will be done at our studio. For food photography, we can also bring our equipment's down to your outlet for a photoshoot.

Delivery of photos

After the completion of the project, we will deliver the photos through an online link. Requests for retouching can also be made.

Collection of products

After completion of the projects, you can either self-collect or arrange for courier to collect your products back.

Photos helps in explaining concepts without words.

Product Catalogue

Suitable to be used for an online store, print media, menu and posters. For this shoot, our photographers will photograph your products in a variety of angles with white background and studio lighting conditions

Creative Photos

Suitable to be used on Social Media, Advertisement and print posters. For this shoot, our photographers will photograph your products in a variety of angles with different sets of backgrounds and studio lighting conditions. Often times, our photographers will also experiment shooting your products at a different location to bring out the desired quality and effect.

Food Photography

Food photography is arguably one of the most challenging types of photography. Every element in the photo is a decision and every piece is perfectly placed by the photographer. Our team of photographers is well-trained to make your food looks as good as it taste!

A Summary of our works

Here are some of our selected works from a variety of concepts and clients.

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