The website is the first impression you give to your customers in the online space.

A multi-page website serves as a platform to convey specific, helpful information to your target audience so that the reader learns something new or understand your company better. A great website not only has a solid design but is also unique and meets the needs of both the customer and the business itself. It will be one of the most important assets that you will create for your business needs. 

At Storybox, we implement a content management system so that it will be easy for your team to make updates and changes in the future.
Building a website takes around 1 – 2 months when all process goes smoothly.
At Storybox, we allow clients to have full ownership of their site.

Research and understand your target

First, we have to answer a few basic questions such as what will your audience want to read? What do they want to find? With the questions and answers in mind, we will then be able to build a website based on your user experience.

Site Map Proposal

Otherwise known as the skeleton of the site. The site map shows the structure and layout of the pages for your website.


This involves writing content for all the pages in your brand tone. Having a good character of the content is a key element in creating a great website.


Otherwise known as the preview of the site, where mock ups of layouts and designs are proposed before implementation.


This involves implementing the agreed wireframe design onto the desired domain.

User feedback and analysis

A routine check-in with users about their user experience will help in improving the site experience.

It's all about the content

With an in-house production team, we are able to employ various content creation techniques to make sure your website stands out from your competitors.

Photography & Videography

Photos make up the main visual of your website while videos help to tell your brand story better. A visually stunning website starts off with great photo and video assets. With an in-house production team, we are able to help you produce the perfect media asset for your website.

Graphic Design

Ultimately, a website is a display of information for your readers to digest. As such, graphic design is crucial in making sure that the message will be brought across to your readers easily.


With copywriting, we are able to tell your story in the most appealing manner ever. Leave your story to our in-house copywriter and be impressed with the works created.
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