Landing page or a single page website is designed to convert visitors into leads or customers.

Designing an effective landing page is crucial as most marketing campaigns involved driving traffic to a page, the landing page. A landing page is an indispensable tool in your marketing funnel and should always be optimised and kept up to date with relevant information.

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Relevant Information

An effective landing page should always have relevant information presented in simple and easy to understand layout. When a user is directed to your landing page, they are expecting to find certain information on the product or service they were interested in. Therefore, having the right information is crucial in retaining and converting the user to a customer.

Lead Capture Form

Otherwise known as a call to action. Install a form onto your landing page to capture user information so that follow up actions can be made. It is important to not request for irrelevant information on your form as this may deter users from completing the form.

Great User Experience

A landing page should be easy to navigate with a clear call to action. It should never be too complicated, as such it is important to properly design the layout and look in order to reduce bounce rate on your website.
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