Corporate Head Shots - Storybox Collective
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A professional photo helps to build trust, confidence and familiarity in your customer. 
Our corporate headshot set up is portable, which means that it can be completed in your office too.

White Background

At Storybox, we provide corporate photoshoot with a white backdrop, the most versatile background colour that allows your photo to fit into any medium easily.

Image Touch up

After the photo shoot, we will post-process and retouch every selected image to ensure that the most perfect photo is delivered.

Full-Res photos

With the advent of cloud technologies, transferring photos has never been so convenient. We will deliver the full resolution photos via a download link.

300 DPI Print Resolution

All our photos are at least 300 DPI, which means that you will be able to print out your photos on posters and still look good.
Corporate Photoshoots with StoryBox

Getting a professional corporate or creative headshot is important in the digital world we live in. A professional headshot involves the proper lighting, backdrop and set up. Have a look at our corporate and creative headshot portfolio!

At Storybox, we not only provide corporate headshots, but also team shots!

Client’s feel more comfortable knowing that they are working with a real person. Often times, having a team image with names helps in your conversion rate too.

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